Press Release

Legends in Concert at Flamingo Las Vegas will commemorate the historic milestone of 33 successful years in the entertainment capital of the world November 6 through November 21, celebrating Las Vegas legends with special appearances. Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous and Las Vegas Review-Journal, along with a wonderful list of rotating celebrity guests will emcee the world-famous production for a select number of performances. Monti Rock III and his transcendent showmanship will host an unforgettable evening, after selling over 7 million disco albums and appearing on The Tonight Show and in the iconic film Saturday Night Fever. The Morning Zoo radio host Chet Buchanan of 98.5 KLUC and “Radio Showgirl” Heidi Harris on AM 840 KXNT, will also bring their on-air personalities to the stage, while celebrity magician and Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino headliner Murray Sawchuck from America’s Got Talent and Pawn Stars joins the celebration with his incredible talents.



Music’s most legendary performances are reimagined at Legends in Concert, while audiences take a journey through a range of musical genres from country, rock, pop and soul.  The new cast of legends includes country mega-star Garth Brooks, portrayed by the amazingly talented Dean Simmons, the ”Man in the Mirror,“ Michael Jackson, performed by Damian Brantley and the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Tina Turner paid tribute by Cookie Watkins. Kevin Mills makes his Las Vegas debut with his homage to the undisputed “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Elvis Presley.


For tickets and information, visit Performances are at 4 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. throughout the entire year.


For more than three decades, Legends in Concert has proudly entertained more than 6.6 million Las Vegas visitors and residents, produced over 18,500 performances on the Las Vegas Strip and performed to more than 30 million fans worldwide. Tickets are on sale at all Caesars Entertainment box offices or by calling 702-777-2782. More information is available at or


Legends in Concert

Recently voted Best Tribute Show in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas 2015 poll, Legends in Concert, celebrating 33 years of success, this year claims the title of longest-running production show in Las Vegas.  Owned and operated by On Stage Enterprises, LLC, Legends in Concert debuted at Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino in 1983 and later moved to Flamingo Las Vegas and Casino in 2013 in conjunction with the show’s 30-year anniversary. Initially introduced as a limited six week engagement, this Las Vegas staple now performs 10 shows a week, year round. Packed with all-star talent and powerhouse vocals from some of the world’s top tribute artists, the legendary show entertains audiences of all ages. The tribute artists perform using their own natural voices, and are backed by a live band that rocks the house with vivacious back-up singers and dancers who bring the performances to life.

Fit to Flex at Bellagio Spa

Fit to Flex at Bellagio Spa

JUKARI Fit to Flex at Bellagio Spa

If you have ever left a Cirque du Soleil show looking for a more participatory experience, the Bellagio Spa has something that is sure to appeal to you. Cirque du Soleil and Reebok have combined their respective expertise to create a rather unique exercise program called JUKARI Fit to Flex. The Press Release makes the program hard to resist for any fitness minded Cirque du Soleil fan:

Inspired by the strong controlled movements performed by Cirque artists, this cardio-infused program works to enhance flexibility, muscle tone and coordination. Using the specially designed JUKARI Band and set to custom-mixed Cirque du Soleil music, participants get a taste of the training Cirque performers undergo while developing long, lean muscles and powerful core strength.

Fit to Flex at Bellagio Spa

Fit to Flex at Bellagio Spa

Fit to Flex at Bellagio

Fit to Flex at Bellagio

Fit to Flex

Fit to Flex

Cost: $40 per person Time Length: 50 minutes; Wednesday – Friday at 9 a.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m.

Indoor Hike at Aria

While it is not uncommon to feel that the walk from your Vegas hotel room to the Strip is the equivalent of a long walk through the wilderness, in terms of walking distance, not scenery. Aria has turned this seemingly negative aspect of a  humongous hotel casino complex into a more positive and healthful experience. The Spa and Salon at Aria offer The Indoor Hike which takes participants throughout the CityCenter Complex. This is a real workout as the Press Release details:

This heart-pumping workout focuses on the whole body as guests perform yoga and various exercises along the way. This exhilarating workout focuses on the whole body with a sprint through the convention center, jumping jacks in front of HAZE nightclub and pushups in the garden areas. While working out, guests also have the chance to admire ARIA’s art collection, one of the largest public art programs in the world.

Of course we would augment the Hike with a few more exercises in the casino areas, such as: sprint through the Cashier’s Cage, I doubt Casino Security would be thrilled with that addition, and perhaps push-ups in the Poker Room would be a bit distracting, but you would think Jumping Jacks by the Wheel-Of Fortune machines would be amusing for one and all.

Cost = $50; Time = 60 minutes

Yoga with Dolphins at the Mirage

Yoga with Dolphins at the Mirage

Yoga with Dolphins at the Mirage

For something on the more tranquil side, with just a hint of new age mysticism, The Mirage is offering a Yoga with Dolphins experience. The Yoga Class takes place in the underwater viewing area within Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. In addition to their preternatural smiles Dolphins are conscious breathers. The close proximity of these ‘smiling’ conscious breathers seemingly enhances the breath-work espoused in the Yoga class. Yoga mats, water and towels are provided for the 60-minute session which ends with a delicious smoothie to help kick-start the day.

Cost = $50; Time = 60 minutes Friday- Sunday 8:30am

Elton John released “Rocket Man” forty years ago. The song is a favorite at the European Space Agency (ESA), astronaut André Kuipers had made a special point of playing “Rocket Man” over the airwaves of the International Space Station (ISS) on the song’s 40th anniversary. This past April Elton played the song during his show, “The Million Dollar Piano,” at The Colosseum at CaesarsPalace in Las Vegas, and later sent a recording of that performance to the astronauts at the European Space Agency. The ESA has since created a video combining images from the space station with Elton’s live version of “Rocket Man,” and it can be viewed here on YouTube: video of ISS playing Rocket Man

Hearing about “Rocket Man” being played in space, Elton sent the following special message to ESA, Kuipers and the crew of the ISS:

“When I was a boy, ‘Dan Dare’ was a comic book hero, and space travel just a romantic idea, not a reality. I was 14 years old when Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space; my song writing partner Bernie Taupin was just 11. Bernie and I did not meet until 1967, and two years after we met, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step onto the moon.

“Our generation was smitten with the glory and excitement of space travel. ‘Rocket Man’ – and indeed ‘Dan Dare’ on the Rock of the Westies album – came from those boyhood dreams of travelling beyond the stars and looking back on Earth.

“Not long after the ‘Rocket Man’ single was released, my band and I were invited to the NASA headquarters in Texas and shown around by Al Worden, Apollo 15 command module pilot. It was thrilling to find that real astronauts liked our song, ‘Rocket Man,’ which was about an imaginary astronaut.

“Now, 40 years later, it’s amazing to hear from the astronauts at the European Space Agency that they like the song and that it has been on the playlist on the International Space Station. I send my best wishes to ESA and all the crew, and my thanks for keeping those boyhood dreams alive.”


WSOP 2012 Bigger, Better and Louder

The staff of “Vegas What’s Up” participated in a WSOP Conference Call with Tournament Directors Jack Effel and Ty Stewart. Take-Aways.

  • The WSOP and Caesars Poker Tournaments are now fully integrated with the casinos’s Total Rewards system.
  • The 2012 WSOP will have the most number of poker tables ever at the Las Vegas event. 92 additional tables, approaching 470 Tournament Tables.
  • The WSOP 2012 will encourage more table talk, players will not be admonished for loudly celebrating winning hands.
  • Talking rules changed to allow looser verbal exchanges, as long as you don’t reveal your cards.
  • In Nevada Men are technically allowed to play in “Ladies Only” events.
  • Banners of “Shamed” past champions will still be displayed.

Caesars Palace Poker Room Presents the World Series of Poker Warm-Up Series

Caesars Palace Press Release:

The 2012 World Series of Poker Warm-Up Series set to begin Friday, May 4. Thirty-three events, with more than $365,000 in guaranteed prize pools, will be played across 17 days, culminating in a final Wild Card Weekend tournament with at least one $25,300 seat to the Big One for One Drop Mega Satellite event guaranteed. For every additional $25,300 in the prize pool, one extra seat will be awarded to the satellite held at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino on Saturday, June 30.

“It’s almost that time of the year again!” said Andy Rich director of poker operations at Caesars Palaceand Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.  “The WSOP Warm-Up Series hosted at Caesars Palace is the pre-season of the World Series of Poker. With at least $20,000 in guaranteed prize pool for each noon tournament, the stakes are high and it’s the perfect time for players to start tuning up their game for what will be another huge summer for poker.”


Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill Launches “Red Cup Solo” Ladies Night Every Thursday

Starting Thursday, May 3, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill will be hosting ladies night every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. All ladies are invited to party country style at one ofLas Vegas’ most popular and recognizable bars. For $10, ladies will receive a “Red Solo Cup,” made famous by Toby Keith’s hit song “Red Solo Cup.” With the purchase, ladies receive free refills on well drinks, Coors Light and Miller Lite draughts until 2 a.m. Live music begins at 9 p.m.

Teller Shares Some of His Tricks With The Smithsonian

Teller, the mute half of the Penn and Teller Magician Duo, shares some of his secrets in the March 2012 edition of Smithsonian Magazine. If you ever wondered how Penn and Teller did their cockroach trick on David Letterman, Teller tells all, mostly.


Dancing with The Stars is now Live at The Tropicana


Shows will be eight times a week.

“Dancing with the Stars: Live in Las Vegas” Hotel Experience (Promo Code: RDWTS12)

“Dancing with the Stars: Live in Las Vegas” Hotel Experience – VIP Star Experience (Promo Code: RDWTSVP)

Bizarre Foods Comes to Las Vegas

Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods was in Las Vegas to film his special 100th episode. Robin Leach spent some time with Andrew while he was in Las Vegas and provides details of the visit in his column in the Vegas Sun. Including the following, to be expected, exchange:

I turned down Andrew’s kind offer of crispy, fried buttered worms when we met to talk poolside at the Bellagio! Robin Leach in Vegas Sun 2-17-12

Burning Man Coming To Vegas, Sort of

Not exactly Burning Man, but the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that a 20 foot tall wooden sculpture “Lucky Lady Lucy” will be set ablaze on March 2 at in a vacant lot in the Las Vegas Arts District downtown. The event is set to coincide with the First Friday music festival. Burning Man is the annual festival in Northern Nevada, Black Rock Desert, that attracts tens of thousands of participants, that do…read the above link to find out what people do at Burning Man.

Celine Dion Cancels Lots of Shows

Due to inflamed vocal cords Celine Dion has canceled all her show dates until June. Her next scheduled set of appearances is set for June 9 through August 19.

Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace to Close Soon, or so they say!

First there was speculation, then there was assured predictions, and now there must full  blown bewilderment, complete with egg(free ranged organic)-on-face for some leading Vegas food bloggers about Guy Savoy. John Curtas at Eating Las Vegas predicted back in August 2011 that Guy Savoy was closing in October 2011, failed prediction. Then Al MaNcini received seemingly bullet proof information that Guy Savoy was closing January 2, 2012. Al describes in detail how this information was obtained, complete with confirmation from the PR people at Caesars Entertainment. When the research team at Vegas What’s Up called Guy Savoy on January 14 to check that it had indeed closed, it was surprised to learn it was still alive and kicking and still taking reservations. After bumping the query about Guy Savoy’s future up a few levels, we did receive confirmation that Guy Savoy is indeed closing, but no last date has been set. So, if you have always wanted to eat at Guy Savoy, time is quickly ticking away.

For more information on Guy Savoy at Caesars check out this listing on 

Elvis Will No Longer Viva at Aria

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that MGM has asked Cirque du Soleil to replace the Viva Elvis show at Aria. This the first time that Cirque du Soleil has been asked to close a show in Las Vegas. Cirque’s first show in  Las Vegas was Mystere at Treasure Island, TI, which opened in 1993.

As the review on Vegas Mavens details, Viva Elvis was different than the other Cirqud du Soleil shows on the Strip in that it was much more of a song and dance show and rather light on spectacular acrobatics. while Viva Elvis was a good show in many respects, it just fell short of what people have come to expect from Cirque du Soleil.

Maloofs Down to 2% Ownership of Palms

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the deal will eliminate $400 in debt, and leave Maloof ownership at 2%. Depending on future performance, the Maloof Family will be able to raise their ownership stake to 20%. TPG Capital will have a 49% stake in the Palms, TPG is a major stakeholder in Caesars Entertainment. The article quotes George Maloof as follows:

“I don’t think operationally you’ll see much change — I think we always want to look at ways to do things better,” Maloof said. “That’s the intent.”

Tell that to the Playboy Bunnies that were fired back in November!

Magician Burt Wonderstone At Ballys

Burt Wonderstone is the character played by Steve Carell in a comedy currently being filmed in Las Vegas at Ballys. The cast also includes Steve Buscemi, who plays Wonderstone’s sidekick Anton Lovecraft, plus rival Street Magician played by Jim Carrey, and Sopranos star James Gandolfini and Olivia Wilde. Some 400 Las Vegans will participate in the film as extras.

The Daily Mail has a bunch of great on location photos, plus other film details, hats off to those Brits.

Visit to Aria Buffet Leads To Rant about Cable TV Pricing

Gavin Palone (Hollywood Producer plus Agent and Manager for Larry David and Conan O’Brien)  likes buffets, and the one at Aria is his second favorite buffet in Las Vegas, Wynn being first. As he describes in his essay in New York Magazine, he has rather fussy eating requirements, not the least of which is his desire to have limited human interaction while eating:

 I’m a vegetarian who tries to stay away from refined carbohydrates, so piling a plate with salad, stir-fried tofu, and vegetable sushi works well for me, as does any process that limits my interaction with other humans.

The waiter stopped by to ask Gavin, there is some human interaction even at buffets, if he wanted Red or White Wine and further inquired if he was interested in having a serving of Lobster. He declined both due to his dietary restrictions, but then took a look at his receipt and noticed the buffet was $6 more than he was used to paying at Aria. His first foray into the higher priced Weekend buffet at Aria.

While annoyed at having to pay $6 more for Lobster and Wine he doesn’t consume, his train of thought, or annoyance, jumps to his monthly cable bill.

If you don’t watch sports, you’re really being overcharged, because sports networks command the largest fees from providers: ESPN, the lobster of this cable meal, currently receives $4.69 in affiliate fees for each of their 100 million-plus subscribers.

While not the point of  Polone’s essay, it does serve to remind one that the first rule of optimal buffet eating in Las Vegas is to go light on the Cheap Carbs, and load up on the pricey Crustaceans, Prime Meats and Smoked fish and you’ll feel like you got a bargain regardless of the surcharges.

Las Vegas on Sale – Save up to 30% Plus get $10 off VIP Nightclub Tour! – Expires 1/30/12

Vegas Jobs with Benefits

How does does this job sound to you? Show up at a Nightclub and have a good time, alcohol and food gratis. This is a Job  so  you’ll be paid for you efforts, how does $100,000 sound. That’s $100,000 per appearance. The perks that go along with Job are pretty nice too, for starters transportation is by private Jet, G4 or comparable, no less, for your transportation from Los Anglels, plus limousine service to and from McCarran, of course! Lest you think the staff at is making this up, this is an actual Job, which thanks to a lawsuit, are documented at Radar Online and in even more detail at Vegas Inc.

The lawsuit is between Paris Hilton and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The details of the perks are astonishing, down to makeup and hair styling! The research department at Vegas What’s has done an extensive background report on Ms. Hilton which can be found here: Ontology of Paris Hilton.

Why is Interested In Rachel Uchitel?

Who is Rachel Uchitel anyways?  According to this wonderfully salacious article in New York Magazine:

The most famous of Woods’s alleged mistresses is Rachel Uchitel, who occupies a position of power in this strobe network of girls and money and celebrity. As VIP concierge and director of VIP hospitality at Tao in Vegas…Rachel Uchitel is long and skinny and buoyantly breasted. Her lips are a fat heart.    New York Magazine 4-4-10

Rachael gets paid well, $250,000 base plus an additional $250,000 guarantee from the tip pool, that’s a nice sized tip pool! So what does Rachael do to earn those $’s? More or less make sure the men with the largest wallets are placed near the most attractive women in the club. Rachael emphatically states in the article:  “It’s not our job to get anybody laid.”

The article also gives all the prurient details about the job of bottle service girl, who knew Vegas was on the worldwide circuit of bottle service, and May was its month.

  “They follow the money as the money follows the seasons along the worldwide circuit of bottle service. St. Barts in December, Miami in March, Las Vegas in May” New York Magazine 4-4-10 page 7

TMZ reports Rachael is now married again.

Consumer Electronics Show Hits Las Vegas

140,000 people are expected to attend the Consumer Electonics show, which runs January 10-13. While the attendance is huge, as an article in the New York Times points out, the show is losing some clout. Trend setting companies, such as Apple and Amazon have chosen smaller venues to introduce their latest products. Microsoft has stated that 2012 is the last year they will be exhibiting at CES.

Some surprising exhibitors will replace those lost, one is Schick, which will be introducing a new high-tech razor battery operated 5-speed blade razor. Serta will also be at CES, exhibiting an innovative memory foam mattress. Trojan will be there too, doing something with condemns and vibrators. Perhaps they’ll stay in Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo, which begins January 18 (30,000 attendees).

The folks over at TheDailyFiasco have slew of posts, complete with snarky comments, on all the celebrities or  near celebrities, if there is such a thing, that have been in attendance at CES dailyFiasco covers CES: such as: Lady Gaga; Tommy Lee; Joba Chamberlain; Kid Rock.

Adelson Helps A Friend In the Presidential Race

Sheldon Adelson, owner of Venetian/Palazzo has contributed $5 Million to  Winning Our Future, a “super PAC” that supports Newt Gingrich. The New York Times reports that Adelson’s friendship with Gingrich goes back roughly twenty years.


The NEW Tropicana Las Vegas 12 Hour Flash Sale January 5th Only

Bellagio’s Fantana Morphs into Hyde for 2012

The Fontana Bar at Bellagio, which was a favorite spot for many to enjoy a cocktail while watching the Fountains of Bellagio, has been transformed into a smallish Ultra-Lounge.  The 10,000 square foot space which can accommodate roughly 700 patrons, has a patio that opens to a panoramic view of  The Fountains of Bellagio.

The folks over at the Daily Fiasco are working overtime in their description of the cocktail service, at least that’s what we believe they’re talking about!

Mixology will join the craft fray, with a couple of twists. Hyde features a Bellini cart, for a selection of peach-and-bubbly delights, while a seasonal liquid nitrogen cocktail (informed by Jose Andres, who partners with SLS in L.A.’s Bazaar) will rotate on the menu for tableside prep. They’re launching with Tony Abou-Ganim’s Cable Car, with Bacardi Oakheart, orange curacao and lemon. Appropriate to use one of Abou-Ganim’s, given the Bellagio setting. The Daily Fiasco 12-30-11

Does Vegas really need another Ultra-Lounge, an upscale piano bar would seem more appropriate for Bellgio. At least the sound system at Hyde will feature the Fountain Music during the shows.

Robin Leach details the New Years Eve event at Hyde, complete with a listing of supposedly famous guests, poor Robin we remember when he actually covered genuinely famous people.

Winn to Wynn to Spiegel, Goodbye Alex

Marilyn Winn was a Senior Executive at Harrahs (Ceasars Entertainment) with a a career spanning over twenty years when Steve Wynn offered her the position of President at Wynn back in November 2010. Ms. Winn accepted the offer and decided it was time to change her name in accordance with her marriage a few years back, hence Winn goes to Wynn and becomes Spiegel.

Choosing Ms. Speigel as President of Wynn seems like an odd choice in that Harrahs has long been known as the casino company that targets the middle market, while Wynn stands astride the pinnacle of the luxury market. Her first major decision does not bode well for Wynn. It was Speigel’s decision to close the Michelin Two Star restaurant Alex, her reasoning:

 “Alex Stratta is a phenomenal chef, but the dining experience is lengthy and American tastes have changed.” Vegas Seven 3-23-11

The above quote is from an article by David Schwartz in Vegas Seven, however, his follow-up posting on his blog is illuminating of the subtext in the quote above. In his blog he quotes Vegas Food Critic John Curtas as follows:

The whole “fine dining is dead” chestnut is used as an excuse by chefs/restaurateurs/hotels to cut back on quality (and increase their profits) by pretending to be “with it.” My educated guess is Ms. Spiegel is more interested in pushing steaks and booze on her high rollers/nightclubbers than anything with a whiff of sophistication about it. John Curtas in David Schwartz’s Blog

Does Vegas really need another upscale restaurant with the goal of turning over the tables as quickly as possible? It’s a shame to see this change, as Wynn is noted for taking his high-end restaurants seriously, as the big name chefs are actually required to be in the kitchen, not just add their name to the marque.

A longer, and somewhat boring, profile of Ms. Spiegel can be found at Vegas Inc.  

The Worst Vegas Take-Backs of 2011

It might just be an easy way to recycle a bunch of 2011 stories, but the folks over at VegasChatter listed their Best and Worst of 2011, and include a bunch of Casino Take-Backs (The Link above takes you to the full article)

The Palms fires its Playboy bunnies Sad but true, the Palms has fired all 12 bunnies. VegasChatter spends quite a bit of ink on this story, I guess its an story near and dear their hearts, as it is to many in Vegas. They quote one bunny, Susie, on the process of being hired intially:

 “Becoming a Playboy Bunny Dealer is an extensive and highly selective process because being a Playboy Bunny is all-encompassing. To uphold the “Bunny Image” established for the last 60 years takes class, great customer service skills/teamwork/extraordinary poise, an abundance of charm, exceptional strength and beauty, and a personal desire to represent the iconic image as one of the elite Playboy Bunnies. The chance to be a part of history.”

It’s not exactly Churchill and Roosevelt, but just as the definition of celebrity has changed so has what is of historical consequence, perhaps.

Hilton takes its name back from LVH In Early 2012 Las Vegas Hilton will become The Las Vegas Hotel, not to be confused with TheHotel, confusing, right?

Venetian cuts comps for Grazie members  Early in 2011 Venetain dramatically changed its comp policy. Sheldon Adelson is quoted in the VegasChatter article as follows:

“We’ve essentially cut all of our comps except our most highly-rated players. No more comped rooms. No food and beverage. No showroom credits. We’re selling rooms. We see it’s resulting in a substantial increase in cash income.”

Fortunately there is some evidence that Venetain/Palazzo is backtracking on this policy, as noted by this posting on Yahoo Group: Casino comps

The Cosmo ends free WiFi  The best part of this article from VegasChatter is when they throw Cosmopolitan’s Ceo John Unwin (what a lousy name for a Casino CEO Un- Win!) own words back at him:

 “People find it irritating to pay $15 to use their computers.”John Unwin CEO Cosmopolitan

VegasChatter has plus a few more Take-Backs in their article, but these were our favorites.

 Rolling Out 2012

Las Vegas is in full Holiday mode, as it approaches the night it seems the city was built for, New Years Eve. The team at wishes all our readers the type of luck in 2012 that Patricai Damauro had at the Craps Tables at the Borgata back in 2009.  As Time Magazine reports:

What is the probability of rolling a pair of dice 154 times continuously at a craps table, without throwing a seven?

The answer is roughly 1 in 1.56 trillion, and on May 23, Patricia Demauro, a New Jersey grandmother, beat those odds at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Demauro’s 154-roll lucky streak, which lasted four hours and 18 minutes, broke the world records for the longest craps roll and the most successive dice rolls without “sevening out.”

Rooms on the Strip are still available, according to Vegaschatter, but it is going to cost big dollars. Figure $600+ for Aria while even the much more moderately priced Bill’s Gambling Hall is selling rooms for over $300. Another option would have been to bid on eBay for Vintner Grill at Nieman Marcus at Fashion Mall

Overlooking the heart of Las Vegas Strip with the paramount views of Wynn & Encore Resorts and the Palazzo Hotel.  Vintner Grill The Strip will bring together unique and inventive cuisine with our excellent service specially designed for your New Years Eve Affair.

Bidding started at $50,000 and advanced $0 as no one took the plunge by the deadline December 23, 2011. Perhaps they’ll reconsider the deadline, for the right bid.

Fremont Street is running the 4th Annual Tribute Palooza, including Midnight Countdown with the new Mayor, Carolyn Goodman. Tickets are $30.

4th Annual Tribute Palooza from 6pm – 2am featuring great music by Steel Panther and Rock Sugar, and 10 incredible and authentic tribute bands perform throughout the evening.

FireWorks Vegas Style

Eight casinos will be launching fireworks, roughly 56,000 in total: Tropicana Las Vegas, MGM Grand, Aria, Planet Hollywood, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, the Venetian and the Stratosphere. The show will last roughly 10 minutes. Keep in mind the Strip is very crowded during the display and that most Strip Hotels close their doors to people that are not staying on the property during the display, so keep your room key handy. Off-strip locations such as the Rio and the Palms offer nice views, and are less crowded.


A Ruling By The Justice Department Makes Legal Online Poker More Likely

A Legal Opinion issued by the Justice Department, that was made public Friday December 24, clarified whether the Wire Act of 1961  which prohibits wagering over telecommunications systems that cross state or national borders, prevented those states from using the Internet to sell lottery tickets. While explicitly dealing with lottery tickets, most feel the opinion has more general ramifications.

“This will put additional pressure on Congress and others to allow online poker and other Internet gambling,” Mr. Grossman said. New York Times 12-24-11

Bellagio Has Skating Penguins

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Winter which includes a new feature which they describe in their Press Release as follows: (Display open until January 2, 2012)

New to the display this year, a group of five animated penguins ice skate on a patch of arctic terrain among a life-like family of 34 adult and baby penguins. Inside an igloo nearby, a curious animated penguin pops out its snow-covered head to greet guests.

Bellagio  Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Winter Display Fun Facts (or perhaps just facts, to some)

  • A trio of topiary polar bears adorned with “fur” coats made of more than 35,000 hand-applied white carnations
  • A brick-lined path is surrounded by pink and red poinsettias, inviting guests to stroll underneath eight streams of dancing water and two pergolas adorned with sparkling white lights. In the Giardini corner, a floral greeting card made of more than 3,000 carnations, bestows well wishes for the holiday season. 
  • A stately 42-foot Shasta White Fir, is decorated with more than 1,700 gold and silver holiday ornaments and ablaze in more than 13,500 twinkling white lights. Overhead, 24 over-sized gold and silver bells hang gracefully from the Conservatory’s all-glass ceiling.
  • Inquisitive guests strolling through the Conservatory are invited to visit with Bellagio horticulturists designated as “Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumb” from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. daily to receive holiday decorating tips along with additional information about the exhibit. 

An amateur video of the Skating Penguins, along with the rest of the display can be found here.

Still Winter at The Venetian

If the the Skating Penguins gets you in the mood, for skating that is, head over to the Venetian. The Venetian has a synthetic ice rink that allows for real skating. 30 minute sessions cost $14.95, $9.95 with gracie card. Skate rental included in price. Each session is limited to 60 skaters, From 11am to 10:45pm, through January 8.

There is also an hourly light show, a video of the light show can be found here.

Porn Stars Are Coming

Porn Stars are coming to Vegas that is. The 29th annual AVN  will be held at Joint at the Hard Rock on January 22, this heads-up should give all VegasWhatsUp readers enough lead time to plan accordingly. Robin Leach has all the details over at his column at the Las Vegas Sun. 


The Final Tasty Morsel, is a Bomb!


The folks over at the have a funny story about:

A possible terror plot was averted this week at McCarran International Airport as a Boston-bound passenger was stopped before she could bring potentially dangerous cupcakes onto her flight. read the full story:

 Kardashians Open Kaos at The Mirage

As Robin Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Leach breathlessly reports in the Las Vegas Sun that the Kardashian Clan is opening a lifestyle boutique at the Mirage. Security was beefed-up in anticipation of arrival of these Kardashians.  All this raises two obvious questions: Who are these Kardashians that warrant extra security? and What is a Lifestyle Boutique. Much like the investigative reporting we did on Paris Hilton, we hope to publish shortly a full report on these Kardashians.

Does the following help explain what a lifestyle boutique is?

The new “celebrity lifestyle boutique,”which is the first celebrity concept store of its kind, will offer a variety of items, only available at Kardashian Khaos, including all the products that the Kardashian girls and Kris Jenner own, represent, market and endorse, coupled with exclusive Las Vegas souvenir items.
The one-of-a-kind items have been designed exclusively by Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Cici Bussey, Vice President and Creative Director of Kardashian Khaos. The boutique will offer a variety of items, inducing t-shirts, novelty gambling chips, a surprise beach towel, playing cards, private label make-up by Stila, individually designed scented candles from each girl and Kris

Sounds like a lot of over-priced tchotchkes.

 The Fountains of Bellagio to Add New Songs

Its been six years since new song and water dance numbers have been added to the repertory of  The Fountains of Bellagio. All that is about to change as new songs will be added next week, including: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; Billie Jean and Glen Miller’s In The Mood. An article in the Montreal Gazette discusses the process of choreographing the new songs with Claire Kahn, executive designer for the California-based WET firm. Claire promises:  “And I will put in diamonds I don’t know how yet – but I will.”  All the while Colleague Peter Kopik has to figure out how to capture Michael Jackson’s signature moonwalk in Billie Jean.

 Christmas Brunch or Dinner in Las Vegas

The folks at Vegas Chatter have done a nice job of summarizing 14 Christmas  brunch/dinner options. The price range is quite large, from Hash House A Go Go to Guy Savoy’s Prestige Menu at Caesars Palace  for $358

The $358 Christmas Menu at Guy Savoy

  • Oysters in Ice Gelée
  • Langoustine and Fennel
  • “Colors of Caviar”
  • Roasted John Dory in Sage and Tarragon Crust
  • Foie-Gras “en Papillote” and Black Truffle Bouillon
  • Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup,
  • Toasted Mushroom Brioche, and Black Truffle Butter
  • Poussin “en Cocotte” and Albufera Jus
  • Brie Black Truffle
  • Champagne Dessert
  • Chocolate

The Lion King is Getting Ready To Spend More Time with His Family

The Lion King will close December 30. Las Vegas has been host to what many consider the finest production of The Lion King, if you wish to see the Lion King in Las Vegas, time is short. Review of  The Lion King, in Las Vegas. The replacement show, the new Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show is scheduled to open May 13, 2013.

Gawker Comes to Las Vegas, with A Dirty Slut That Can’t Get Laid?

The bored and generally lazy research department at Vegas What’s Up recently came across the following web site, The Daily Fiasco. The tone seemed so familiar, and yet quit different from standard issue saccharine tone of most Las Vegas web and print publications.

Has Nick Denton added a Las Vegas title to Gawker Media. Gawker that New York based, media centric blog  that is widely credited with inventing the  snarky (irony with a  mean spirited edge) tone that is pervasive on the web. No, Denton hasn’t added a Las Vega title to his long list of blogs, but there is a connection, with a few degrees of separation.

The Daily Fiasco is part of  the Las Vegas based Wendoh Media Group. The Wendoh Media Group publishes Vegas Seven in partnership with The Observer Media Group. The Observer Media Group publishes the New York Observer, and the  editor in chief of The New York Observer is none other than Elizabeth Spiers , the founding editor of For an interesting article on blogging for money which discusses Gawker Media: New York Magazine  Blogs to Riches, which has a great retort from Elizabeth Spiers.

 No one knows this better than Elizabeth Spiers, the original Gawker girl. She is arguably the most famous professional blogger, since she invented its dominant mode: a titillating post delivered with a snarky kicker, casual profanity, and genuine fan-girl enthusiasm—sonnets made of dirt. Yet no good deed goes unpunished; the player-hater e-mail she received during her tenure at the gossip site was astonishing. “I’d get these e-mails saying, ‘You’re a dirty slut who can’t get laid,’ ” she recalls. “How can I be dirty slut and not get laid?”

For a sense of what it is like editing Gawker, or any blog for that matter, read the essay about Emily Gould “Exposed”

Well, I think we’ve gone far far afield, if you’re reading this line, thanks for staying for the ride, until the next Vegas Whats Up, Happy Jackpots.


December in Las Vegas,  like in the rest of the country brings in ever cooler weather. Average high temperature for Las Vegas in November 58 F,  average low temperature 34F, cold, but still above freezing.

It’s Rodeo time in Las Vegas, National Finals Rodeo, That is!

For the 27th time Las Vegas is hosting the National Finals Rideo (NFR). The actual Rodeo takes place at the Thomas & Mack Center, from December 1- 10.

Events include:

  • Bareback Riding
  • Steer Wrestling
  • Team Roping ( Divided into “Headers” and “Heelers” which as you might expect is defined as follows:
    • Headers – Cowboys who rope the steer’s head
    • Heelers – Cowboys who rope the steer’s hind feet)
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
  • Tie-down roping
  • Barrel Racing (Women Only)
  • Bull Riding (Men Only, as are all the other events, with one exception)

This might be considered a niche sporting event, but that doesn’t mean the event is not popular. The events are largely “sold-out” and ticket prices are not cheap. Someone has to pay for that “special dirt” that is used during the event. There really is a special type of dirt used during NFR, that is stored somewhere on the UNLV campus.

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is sanctioned by The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). The  PRCA claims 4 million Loyal Rodeo Fans that evidently  prefer soft drinks to beer.

 In surveys, 81 percent report that they have had a soft drink in the previous 30 days, 50 percent have had a beer in the previous 30 days and 95 percent have eaten at a fast food restaurant in the previous 30 days. ProRodeo fans come from all walks of life, but as a group, they are demographically similar to NASCAR fans, and are likely to also enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. From PRCA web site.

There is free shuttle service to the event along 14 routes covering 24 hotels.

Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas

Coinciding with NFR is the Cowboy Christmas Gift show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, through December 10, 10am-5pm daily, free admission. Over 400 exhibitors will fill roughly 300,000 square feet of space. Some of the exhibitors include:

  • The Best Hat Store
  • Allens Boots
  • Art From The Farm
  • Awesome Rods
  • Boot Barn
  • Continental Divide Knives
  • Cowboy Free Range Meat
  • Cowgirl Glitter
  • Loveless Custom Boots and Shoes
  • Wrangler, of course.

Country on The Fremont Experience

November 30 kicked-off 12 days of country on Fremont Street. There will be a whole slew of Country Performers during NFR. A list of performers can be found here.

National Finals Rodeo Autograph Sessions

Several Hotels are hosting free autograph sessions with the Rodeo Performers.

  • Dec 3 Aria:  Saddle Bronc Riders 12pm-2pm
  • Dec 5 Golden Nugget: Team Ropers 12pm-2pm
  • Dec 6 TI (Treasure Island) Bull Riders 12pm-2pm
  • Dec 7 Palms: Steer Wrestlers 12pm-2pm
  • Dec 8 Monte Carlo: Bareback Riders 12pm-2pm
  • Dec 9 Mirage: Tie Down Ropers 12pm-2pm

Caesars Entertainment Lowers Poker Room Comps

Vegas Chatter posted on December 1 that all Caesars Entertainment, Harrahs, poker rooms have lowered their comp rates. Details, such as they are, can be found here.

Experience the NEW Tropicana Las Vegas with our 72-Hour Sale!

November in Vegas

November in Las Vegas,  like in the rest of the country brings in cooler weather. Average high temperature for Las Vegas in November 67 F,  Average low temperature 43F.

Pools closed time to Ice Skate

Most pools are closed, however Bellagio and Excalibur have heated pools that remain open year round. The Venetian/Palazzo not only have pools open year round, they’ll have an ice skating rink too. From November 21 through January 8 the Venetian will have an ice rink on the Strip. 30 minute sessions are $14,95 ($9.95 with grazie card)  No need to schlep your skates to Vegas,  fee includes skate rental.

Free Magic Shows at Fashion Show Mall during the Holidays

The Show “Believe in Magic”  is located in the Great Hall, near Nordstroms and runs Friday through Sunday November 25 through December 11, and then daily from December 16-24. The holiday themed show includes dancers and  snow, artificial we suspect, the snow that is, the dancers are real.  Show times are:  at noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Bellagio Conservatory Holiday Display

The current ode to autumn display will begin its transformation to the much anticipated Holiday Display on November 27. The holiday display is set  to open December 6 and will be on display through January 2, 2012.

October in Vegas

What happens in Vegas in October? Pool Closings and Halloween Parties. Most Vegas pools close the end of October, as the daily high temperatures drift into the 60s.

Halloween in Vegas

Halloween has become a major party holiday, and no city is better at throwing a Party than Las Vegas.  The people over at Vegas Chatter have done a nice job of  listing most of the Vegas Halloween Parties, including which celebrity is hosting. Of course, celebrity is a relative term. Celebrities include such notables as Bridget Marquardt, think of  Holly Madison, at Planet Hollywood and Snooki, Jersey Shore, at Caesars.

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Golden Gate Owners buy Fitzgeralds

The new owner has plans to renovate the rooms, long over-due, and the second floor, also over-due. More details can be found in the RJ

Troubles at the Tropicana

  • The rise and seeming fall of the new pool area Nikki Beach/Club as dutifully chronicled in Vegas Chatter.
  • The new MOB Experience is not being experienced by many, at least not at the Trop.
  • Gladys Knight’s stay at the Tropicana  is cut short, October 29 is the last show date. Story in LVSun
  • President and COO Thomas McCartney has resigned, to take effect October 31. Story in RJ

Holly Madson Stays In Vegas

Harrahs Blog has announced that Holly Madison’s contract in Peep Show has been extended through the end of 2012. As noted in their post:

Holly Madison just signed a multi-million dollar extension contract to remain in her role as “Bo Peep” through 2012.

In a related story, People Magazine is reporting that Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1 Million.

“I think it’s kind of funny. I think they’re getting the credit they deserve,” she said. “They’re my primary money makers right now.” Holly Madison quote from People Magazine

 Margaritaville Expands at The Flamingo

Margaritaville at the Flamingo is no longer just a restaurant/bar it is now a full fledged casino, or at least a fledgling casino. As CBS News Vegas reports, the new casino takes over the space previously occupied by the Steakhouse and a very long Hallway. The new casino has 22 tables and 220 slots.

Steve Wynn has decreed that all restaurants in his Las Vegas properties must offer Vegan options to diners. Al Mancini at Las Vegas CityLife has detailed the offerings at many of restaurants at Wynn and Encore. A sampling includes:

Tableau: creamy corn soup; roasted beet salad; napoleon of savory tofu; almond or soy milk latte

Terrace Point Café: soba seaweed salad; ratatouille bruschetta; Asian pockets of stuffed tofu

Wazuzu: California fried rice; vegan crunch roll; braised tofu with green beans
The Country Club: watermelon gazpacho; sweet corn chowder; chilled heirloom tomato soup; sesame seared tofu salad; tossed cob salad

Evidently if you partake  of a Vegan Diet, a fondness of tofu is a must.

So, what exactly is a “Vegan”, a vegan adheres to a much stricter diet than a vegetarian, not only are meat products not allowed, dairy products are not allowed, nor are ingredients that have any animal by-products, like gelatin.

Steve Wynn is rumored to have gone vegan himself.  While Steve Friess noted in his AOL story, that Wynn’s PR people declined to comment on Steve’s dietary choices, Max Jacobson noted in his recent story High-end Vegan

“In honor of his boss Steve Wynn’s recent commitment to veganism, Stratta tells me he is working on a vegan menu.”

The Vegan decree  puts a lot of pressure on chefs at Wynn, to come up with palatable dishes, to please a rather small target market. According to a 2002 Time/CNN poll 4% of Americans identify themselves as vegetarians, and of vegetarians, roughly 5% are vegans, hence roughly 0.2% of Americans are Vegan.

As Steve Friess notes in his story, none is this Vegas food is cheap:

the tofu carpaccio appetizer is $14 and a mushroom polenta cake entree is $32 both in line with meaty menu options.

In a city where everyone follows closely what Steve Wynn does, it will be interesting to see if other Las Vegas casinos follows Steve’s lead on the Vegan front.

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