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Vegas Jobs with Benefits

How does does this job sound to you? Show up at a Nightclub and have a good time, alcohol and food gratis. This is a Job  so  you’ll be paid for you efforts, how does $100,000 sound. That’s $100,000 per appearance. The perks that go along with Job are pretty nice too, for starters transportation is by private Jet, G4 or comparable, no less, for your transportation from Los Anglels, plus limousine service to and from McCarran, of course! Lest you think the staff at is making this up, this is an actual Job, which thanks to a lawsuit, are documented at Radar Online and in even more detail at Vegas Inc.

The lawsuit is between Paris Hilton and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The details of the perks are astonishing, down to makeup and hair styling! The research department at Vegas What’s has done an extensive background report on Ms. Hilton which can be found here: Ontology of Paris Hilton.

Why is Interested In Rachel Uchitel?

Who is Rachel Uchitel anyways?  According to this wonderfully salacious article in New York Magazine:

The most famous of Woods’s alleged mistresses is Rachel Uchitel, who occupies a position of power in this strobe network of girls and money and celebrity. As VIP concierge and director of VIP hospitality at Tao in Vegas…Rachel Uchitel is long and skinny and buoyantly breasted. Her lips are a fat heart.    New York Magazine 4-4-10

Rachael gets paid well, $250,000 base plus an additional $250,000 guarantee from the tip pool, that’s a nice sized tip pool! So what does Rachael do to earn those $’s? More or less make sure the men with the largest wallets are placed near the most attractive women in the club. Rachael emphatically states in the article:  “It’s not our job to get anybody laid.”

The article also gives all the prurient details about the job of bottle service girl, who knew Vegas was on the worldwide circuit of bottle service, and May was its month.

  “They follow the money as the money follows the seasons along the worldwide circuit of bottle service. St. Barts in December, Miami in March, Las Vegas in May” New York Magazine 4-4-10 page 7

TMZ reports Rachael is now married again.

Consumer Electronics Show Hits Las Vegas

140,000 people are expected to attend the Consumer Electonics show, which runs January 10-13. While the attendance is huge, as an article in the New York Times points out, the show is losing some clout. Trend setting companies, such as Apple and Amazon have chosen smaller venues to introduce their latest products. Microsoft has stated that 2012 is the last year they will be exhibiting at CES.

Some surprising exhibitors will replace those lost, one is Schick, which will be introducing a new high-tech razor battery operated 5-speed blade razor. Serta will also be at CES, exhibiting an innovative memory foam mattress. Trojan will be there too, doing something with condemns and vibrators. Perhaps they’ll stay in Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo, which begins January 18 (30,000 attendees).

The folks over at TheDailyFiasco have slew of posts, complete with snarky comments, on all the celebrities or  near celebrities, if there is such a thing, that have been in attendance at CES dailyFiasco covers CES: such as: Lady Gaga; Tommy Lee; Joba Chamberlain; Kid Rock.

Adelson Helps A Friend In the Presidential Race

Sheldon Adelson, owner of Venetian/Palazzo has contributed $5 Million to  Winning Our Future, a “super PAC” that supports Newt Gingrich. The New York Times reports that Adelson’s friendship with Gingrich goes back roughly twenty years.


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