Kardashians Open Kaos at The Mirage

As Robin Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Leach breathlessly reports in the Las Vegas Sun that the Kardashian Clan is opening a lifestyle boutique at the Mirage. Security was beefed-up in anticipation of arrival of these Kardashians.  All this raises two obvious questions: Who are these Kardashians that warrant extra security? and What is a Lifestyle Boutique. Much like the investigative reporting we did on Paris Hilton, we hope to publish shortly a full report on these Kardashians.

Does the following help explain what a lifestyle boutique is?

The new “celebrity lifestyle boutique,”which is the first celebrity concept store of its kind, will offer a variety of items, only available at Kardashian Khaos, including all the products that the Kardashian girls and Kris Jenner own, represent, market and endorse, coupled with exclusive Las Vegas souvenir items.
The one-of-a-kind items have been designed exclusively by Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Cici Bussey, Vice President and Creative Director of Kardashian Khaos. The boutique will offer a variety of items, inducing t-shirts, novelty gambling chips, a surprise beach towel, playing cards, private label make-up by Stila, individually designed scented candles from each girl and Kris

Sounds like a lot of over-priced tchotchkes.

 The Fountains of Bellagio to Add New Songs

Its been six years since new song and water dance numbers have been added to the repertory of  The Fountains of Bellagio. All that is about to change as new songs will be added next week, including: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; Billie Jean and Glen Miller’s In The Mood. An article in the Montreal Gazette discusses the process of choreographing the new songs with Claire Kahn, executive designer for the California-based WET firm. Claire promises:  “And I will put in diamonds I don’t know how yet – but I will.”  All the while Colleague Peter Kopik has to figure out how to capture Michael Jackson’s signature moonwalk in Billie Jean.

 Christmas Brunch or Dinner in Las Vegas

The folks at Vegas Chatter have done a nice job of summarizing 14 Christmas  brunch/dinner options. The price range is quite large, from Hash House A Go Go to Guy Savoy’s Prestige Menu at Caesars Palace  for $358

The $358 Christmas Menu at Guy Savoy

  • Oysters in Ice Gelée
  • Langoustine and Fennel
  • “Colors of Caviar”
  • Roasted John Dory in Sage and Tarragon Crust
  • Foie-Gras “en Papillote” and Black Truffle Bouillon
  • Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup,
  • Toasted Mushroom Brioche, and Black Truffle Butter
  • Poussin “en Cocotte” and Albufera Jus
  • Brie Black Truffle
  • Champagne Dessert
  • Chocolate

The Lion King is Getting Ready To Spend More Time with His Family

The Lion King will close December 30. Las Vegas has been host to what many consider the finest production of The Lion King, if you wish to see the Lion King in Las Vegas, time is short. Review of  The Lion King, in Las Vegas. The replacement show, the new Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show is scheduled to open May 13, 2013.

Gawker Comes to Las Vegas, with A Dirty Slut That Can’t Get Laid?

The bored and generally lazy research department at Vegas What’s Up recently came across the following web site, The Daily Fiasco. The tone seemed so familiar, and yet quit different from standard issue saccharine tone of most Las Vegas web and print publications.

Has Nick Denton added a Las Vegas title to Gawker Media. Gawker that New York based, media centric blog  that is widely credited with inventing the  snarky (irony with a  mean spirited edge) tone that is pervasive on the web. No, Denton hasn’t added a Las Vega title to his long list of blogs, but there is a connection, with a few degrees of separation.

The Daily Fiasco is part of  the Las Vegas based Wendoh Media Group. The Wendoh Media Group publishes Vegas Seven in partnership with The Observer Media Group. The Observer Media Group publishes the New York Observer, and the  editor in chief of The New York Observer is none other than Elizabeth Spiers , the founding editor of Gawker.com. For an interesting article on blogging for money which discusses Gawker Media: New York Magazine  Blogs to Riches, which has a great retort from Elizabeth Spiers.

 No one knows this better than Elizabeth Spiers, the original Gawker girl. She is arguably the most famous professional blogger, since she invented its dominant mode: a titillating post delivered with a snarky kicker, casual profanity, and genuine fan-girl enthusiasm—sonnets made of dirt. Yet no good deed goes unpunished; the player-hater e-mail she received during her tenure at the gossip site was astonishing. “I’d get these e-mails saying, ‘You’re a dirty slut who can’t get laid,’ ” she recalls. “How can I be dirty slut and not get laid?”

For a sense of what it is like editing Gawker, or any blog for that matter, read the essay about Emily Gould “Exposed”

Well, I think we’ve gone far far afield, if you’re reading this line, thanks for staying for the ride, until the next Vegas Whats Up, Happy Jackpots.

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