Paris Who?

It is doubtful that many people have ever heard of Paris Hilton, none of our reporters nor has anyone in our much vaunted research department has heard of Ms. Hilton. When both Las Vegas Weekly and The Las Vegas Review Journal ran long heavily researched articles on a recent incident involving Ms. Hilton we knew it was incumbent upon us to set our crack team of reporters on the Hilton story.

While we appreciate the efforts of upstarts like the Las Vegas Review Journal our keen reporter instincts told us to first check with some venerable old media sources before proceeding. We immediately scanned the pages of TMZ and Gawker, and found scant evidence of Ms. Hilton’s existence. Newly confident that we were not too late in our coverage of Ms. Hilton, we proceeded with newfound gusto.

Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton

Ms. Hilton is in fact an heiress of the Hilton Family fortune. Evidently the Hilton Family like the Rothschilds in Europe, have a prominent French wing of the family. In an attempt to distinguish, and perhaps brand, the French wing as separate from the American wing, Ms. Hilton was named in honor of the “City of Light”, Paris. It should be noted that some thought the naming, Paris Hilton, was suspiciously similar to the name of prominent columnist Perez Hilton. It has been reported that Perez Hilton does not feel put upon, that the Hilton Family chose to name their daughter with such a similar sounding name.

After arriving in the States, Paris Hilton was rapidly establishing herself a a noted thespian, often mentioned as the next Meryl Streep, when an innocent video tape, of Ms Hilton and her boyfriend,  was leaked to the public and scandalously derailed her career. Ms. Hilton then came to Las Vegas to open the eponymously named Paris Hotel and Casino.

Paris Opens Paris Las Vegas

The opening of Paris Las Vegas created tension between the American and French factions of the Hilton Family, as the American side of the family had to settle for an Off-Strip property, while Paris Las Vegas is located on a prime Strip location. Adding further insult to injury, Paris was able to woo away her favorite pop-singer, Barry Manilow, to the Paris Strip location just this year. Paris Hotel & Casino has a very low internet profile, as this is the only website  we could find for Paris Hotel & Casino

It is said that Steve Wynn got the idea for the naming of his casino, from Paris. His initial thought of naming the casino “Steve” was changed after extensive market research and focus group testing. This brings us to the latest Paris news.

Paris Hotboxing on the Strip

The Las Vegas Review Journal and Associated Press report that:

Smoke emanating from a Cadillac Escalade on the Las Vegas Strip, which smelled like marijuana, and had as a passenger  Paris Hilton,  and was driven by Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, who manages a club inside the Wynn Las Vegas, was stopped by Las Vegas Police

It was further reported:

Wynn Resorts Ltd. spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne told The Associated Press that Hilton is barred from Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.

Meanwhile, boyfriend Cy Waits was “separated” from his job after less than a week as top managing partner of the Tryst Nightclub at Wynn and XS The Nightclub at Encore, Dunne said in a statement.

The reclusive Paris Hilton, who is notoriously camera shy was forced to pose for a mug shot. This is perhaps the only known photograph extant of the heiress.

Wynn Bans Paris

We are of course left to wonder, did Steve Wynn bar Ms. Hilton because of said incident, or was it due to lingering  jealousy over Paris Hilton being the first person to have a Strip property  named after her. Further details will be published as they are uncovered.

Vegas Whats Up would like to give  special recognition to our research department for all their hard work in scrupulously fact checking this article.

Steve Wynn has decreed that all restaurants in his Las Vegas properties must offer Vegan options to diners. Al Mancini at Las Vegas CityLife has detailed the offerings at many of restaurants at Wynn and Encore. A sampling includes:

Tableau: creamy corn soup; roasted beet salad; napoleon of savory tofu; almond or soy milk latte

Terrace Point Café: soba seaweed salad; ratatouille bruschetta; Asian pockets of stuffed tofu

Wazuzu: California fried rice; vegan crunch roll; braised tofu with green beans
The Country Club: watermelon gazpacho; sweet corn chowder; chilled heirloom tomato soup; sesame seared tofu salad; tossed cob salad

Evidently if you partake  of a Vegan Diet, a fondness of tofu is a must.

So, what exactly is a “Vegan”, a vegan adheres to a much stricter diet than a vegetarian, not only are meat products not allowed, dairy products are not allowed, nor are ingredients that have any animal by-products, like gelatin.

Steve Wynn is rumored to have gone vegan himself.  While Steve Friess noted in his AOL story, that Wynn’s PR people declined to comment on Steve’s dietary choices, Max Jacobson noted in his recent story High-end Vegan

“In honor of his boss Steve Wynn’s recent commitment to veganism, Stratta tells me he is working on a vegan menu.”

The Vegan decree  puts a lot of pressure on chefs at Wynn, to come up with palatable dishes, to please a rather small target market. According to a 2002 Time/CNN poll 4% of Americans identify themselves as vegetarians, and of vegetarians, roughly 5% are vegans, hence roughly 0.2% of Americans are Vegan.

As Steve Friess notes in his story, none is this Vegas food is cheap:

the tofu carpaccio appetizer is $14 and a mushroom polenta cake entree is $32 both in line with meaty menu options.

In a city where everyone follows closely what Steve Wynn does, it will be interesting to see if other Las Vegas casinos follows Steve’s lead on the Vegan front.

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